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Do you want to be part of Philadelphia's long conversation with Greece and Rome? Whether you’re a writer, artist, local history buff, teacher, classicist, student, or simply someone who lives in or around the City of Brotherly Love, we welcome your participation in Classicizing Philadelphia!

Is there a person, political moment, park monument, poem, artwork, event, theater show, or anything else classics-related in Philadelphia that we should follow up on? Let us know! Email us at classicizingphiladelphia@gmail.com.

Do you have an idea for a story? Our "Stories" section focuses on historical material, while the Classicizing Philadelphia blog covers current events. We welcome submissions to "Stories" and posts to the blog. Look at the entries on both web sites to get an idea of what works; successful stories should be between 250 and 1000 words long, and blog posts are generally not more than 300 words. Send us your work at the email above and include a 1-2 sentence bio. Please also include images with information on their source. Images should be in the public domain or accompanied by valid permission for use.